"Everyday Use" By Alice Walker

Leader= Anne Catherine
Analyst= Loring
Recorder= Caroline

Question 1: (Anne Catherine)
What clues and hints led up to the major turn on the story that caused the mother to favor Maggie more than she did Dee?
-Dee is not happy with her mother's appearance and self 
-She has changed her name
-Basically erased her family and current heritage from her life and adopted a new on
-the mother starts to defend Maggie from Dee 
-her lavish clothes and accessories (which are extremely unlike the mother and maggie's)
- other various reasons 
Question 2: (Loring)
Using the themes of heritage of culture, what do you think, other than the fire, caused conflicts in Maggie and Dee's relationship?
Apart from the legitimate fire, Maggie is very different from Dee emotionally, mentally, and physically. This may have caused Dee's distance and somewhat disliking towards her sister. 
Question 3: (Caroline)
One might say that heritage and culture are major themes of this short story, so why do you think that the characters mention what their heritage is and what nationality they are only few specific times?
I think that the author intends for the readers to be non-biased when it comes to the characters' heritage. She does not want to hide their heritage but does not want it to be the main point of the short story either.  

Themes: Heritage

-          The story’s main concern is the characters connections with their ancestry

-          For example, Dee changes her name to be more connected with her roots

-          This theme builds conflict in the story because Dee’s mother and sister don’t like how she changed her name.

Symbol: Quilts

-          Quilts symbolize the relationship of African Americans and how they all work together to make something that represents where they came from

-          Quilts also symbolize history and since history is such a part of Heritage it is very important

Symbol: The Yard

-          The yard symbolizes a peaceful place free from worries and confusion. It is obviously important to the story since it was mentioned in the first and last sentence

-          Also symbolizes freedom

Symbol: Dasher and butter churn

-          symbolize the disagreement between mother and Dee


-          Mrs. Johnson’s language involves the relationship between herself and the physical surroundings around her


-          The authors use of language shows imagery

-          For example, Mrs. Johnson says, ”in the yard that Maggie and I made so clean and wavy”